Saturday, February 13, 2010

sisters: a series, part v

in case you are new to the blog, i am doing a series on people that are such good friends that they are like a sister. this post will be on my dear friend sarah [i know a lot of sara(h)'s]. out of all my 'sisters,' she is the one i have known the longest. therefore, we have more pictures. have fun scrolling:

first summer. being scandalous at byu. 05

festival of colors, '07. feeding a llama grass out of her...

festival of colors, 07. we look hot, huh?

festival of colors, '07. (we took a lot of pictures on that trip).

camping. 07 i believe.

elf power concert. 07? we were trying to look asian.

hahaha. thanksgiving, 06? fun times on the tramp.

down by our river, summer 07 in maine

w/our friend megan, photobooth, 06?

before she left on her church mission, feb 08

story one: how we met
it was the summer of 2005. we were out at byu for our first college experience, and it turned out we had a great roomate setup. there was only 1 out of 6 of us that we didnt like so much. before we all moved out there, we had eachothers info and i emailed her a bit. she was super excited about meeting me, since i lived in maine (she is originally from there) and sometimes i am outdoorsy [i used to camp and hike for fun. now i only do it if i'm getting paid]. we finally went out there and met, and it was awesome. we lived in an apartment set-up kind of dorm, with 3 rooms sharing a bathroom and kitchen. sarah was always funny, creative, and genuine. we loved being roommates :]

story two: sarah changed my future
i referenced this before, but there was a situation sophomore year that made me move to a different apartment and i became better friends with sarah because of it. sarah told me about the major wildlife and wildlands conservation, which i am now graduating in. i took a class with her within the major-- range management, and that is where i met my husband. and sarah backed me up on getting with josh because she saw how awesome we were together.

story three: a favorite memory
a couple years ago, sarah came out to stay with me in maine for a week or two. i think it was two, but i cant quite remember (it was a long time ago). it was awesome, and we had a ton of fun. we took a trip to boston and walked the whole city tour. we got hit on by streetdancers. we went to portland head light and explored old forts. she helped me dog sit at this creepy big house. we went up to rangely and stayed in a cabin and jumped in lakes. we cliff-dove off a 30 or 40' cliff (maybe taller, i cant remember--see above for picture of her flying through the air!). we fed baby ducks bread out of our laps.

story four: why i love sarah
sarah has been my best friend for almost 5 years now. she is always super fun and spontaneous. she loves funny people (me and josh, duh) and funny tv. she is like elaine on seinfield, or anyone on friends: the kind of friend who can just show up and hang out and be completely comfortable. she is super sweet and funny. she is very talented (she shot our family pictures this year, and she is good at drawing--especially drawing funny pictures haha). she is loyal and fierce, and duh--pretty. [see the common theme? i told you so!]

family photoshoot, 09.
love you sarah!! ♥ xoxo


MiVidaAsi said...

wow that chick is so haWt. i want her number? does she have a babie's daddy? if so thats cool too.

yours truly dear said...

yes to all of the above. hahaha. love you sarah :]

Darci said...

I like Sarah...and I like that she gets in fb fights. Its funny :)