Friday, January 1, 2010

new years post?

people are doing all these new years posts and summarizing their year and talking about what theyre gonna do this year, etc etc etc. that seems like too much work for me, but more power to all of you who did. one of my favorites came from this lovely blog, and i love when she says this line: "I'm not where I thought I would be, but I am learning that maybe I'm where I am supposed to be." [i hope you dont mind that i quoted you liz, but thats just the perfect phrase].

i think one of the reasons i love that line is because i believe that everything happens for a reason. i say that all the time, but its because i really think its true. here is just one story that proves my logic:

sophomore year [of college] i had a falling out with my roomates. i felt they were very rude/mean to me and i didnt know what i did. i was feeling horrible/lonely/depressed and didnt want to live there anymore. after a semester of that torture, i moved to a different apartment. i couldnt sell my contract so i bit the bullet and paid two rents. im not exactly richie rich so it was a big strain financially. definitely not the ideal situation. i had lost some of my best friends in the process as well. HOWEVER, this also made me become better friends with my dear friend sarah. she was in the major wildlife and wildlands conservation, and i realized that was the major i was supposed to be in. i took a class with her, and voila--thats the class where i met josh. point of story: out of a horrible situation came a major life change that i truly feel was meant to be [led to current major and loving husband].

so, we may not all be happy with our past year in review, or we think that things arent the way theyre "supposed to be" by now. if things were the way i thought theyd be even just 3 years ago, i would still be single for another 2-3 years from now, be in the peace corps currently or soon, and then possibly be an art teacher or just all around treehugger. know what i mean? we might not be in the ideal situation, but there is a reason for it. when both my parents lost their jobs a few years back, it was really tough but i knew there had to be some reason for it. im still not positive of all the reasons, but i know they are both stronger people now because of it.

i dont know if i am making sense or just writing another annoying post, but those are my new years thoughts. we should be happy with what we get, and understand that there are reasons for what happens to us.

a new year means new opportunities and experiences. i will finally graduate college (its been a long five years, let me tell you!). i am planning to open a business with my best friend. josh and i will hopefully find good jobs that will apply to our majors. who knows, maybe we'll get a house and a dog. whatever is in store for us, i say bring it on ♥


Elizabeth Marie said...

I adore this post. It's so honest and open, and I love that you elaborated on that sentence in a way I needed to read tonight. I'm letting go of comparing where I am now to where I thought I would be, because then I'd keep on missing out on the things that are here. And now.

I'm happy you're happy, and things will keep falling into place. xoxo

yours truly dear said...

very true liz. and thanks for your post as well (which spurred this one), and for your honesty. its blogs like yours that make me love blogging ♥

MiVidaAsi said...

This is an amazzzzzing post. =) It seems like I'm stuck right now in life. that made me reflect on something ive learned on the mish. When your next to the forest-it all seems like a croweded mesh of brush and trees. but when you step back a few miles and look at it, it's simplified and it makes a beautiful treeline, where its one, and makes sense.