Sunday, January 3, 2010


this is my favorite picture right now.

*scene: me looking scrubby in glasses, sweatpants, and the tshirt i wore yesterday
[yeah...oops...we slept in. sorry church]
josh: youre cute
me: youre cute!
josh (running away): youre cuter!!
me (shouting): youre cutEST!!!

yeah, we're sickening. so what. i read a post on someones blog today saying they dont think true love is real. i felt sorry for her.

ANYWAYS, speaking of blogs, some of you may know i am obsessed with blogs. i will sit at my computer for hours looking at blogs. i love them. they are fun, funny, inspiring, enlightening, etc. so, today i have spent probably 2-3 hours straight (since i umm...woke up...) looking at new blogs. i have a fun little list if you want some new crafty/inspiring/heartfelt blogs. these are the ones i like (in no particular order):

a beautiful mess (love love love this one!)

pixies & bears

beautiful bridget

run with scissors

strumpets crumpets

smile and wave

making chicken salad

i heart mondays

the dainty squid

sometimes sweet

heres looking at me kid (love her outfit posts!)

skunkboy creatures (she has the cutest pictures of her and her little girl)

dos family

now...somehow i need to convince josh that i need to have a beautiful studio like this one. ps i just spelled beautiful wrong and had to fix it...oops. anyways, a lot of these blogs have pictures of their craft studios and im super jealous. maybe i need to become a stay at home mom so i have more time for crafting. except then there would be that whole baby thing...yikes...

for my final "oops"...(no im not pregnant haha)... tomorrow is the first day of my last semester (!!!). i should probably shower today, since its been awhile (oops) so i can look all nice for school. maybe i should take a first day of school picture like we used to do when we were little. cute.

about an hour ago josh asked me what i was doing. i said, of course, "looking at blogs..." to which he laughed and made fun of me. but hey, he's been playing uncharted 2 on the ps3 all day so he better watch what he makes fun of...


Darci said...

Jeff always makes fun of me for reading blogs, but I can make fun of him for being obsessed with BYU football, so all is well. We misssssss you!! I will see you in 2 days or so :)

Liz Canaan Roberts said...

heard of a few of these; like dos family (love) and smile and wave. they all look good.
i also have an unhealthy obsession with blogs...and i want a studio.

Jon Ulf said...

Hey! Uncharted 2 is a great game with a lovable main character! It's also game of the year, you weren't reading a blog of the year were you? BAH! I didn't think so!

yours truly dear said...

well, jonathon...iiiii was the one who bought him that game for christmas. and i agree with the commercials that its like watching a movie. we have friends over and just watch josh play the game. no joke. so yeah yeah yeah its great, but he just needs to watch what he's saying about how i spend my time!!

Jon Ulf said...

LOL, I know. I was just giving you a hard time, especially since Emily just went through the exact same thing with me. It's quite hilarious actually how you two have to deal with super similar game addicted husbands.

Honeybee said...

I also heart that studio craft room...

You and Josh just make me smile.

I like reading other people's blogs because I think to myself, "one day I will do cool things like this and make a super cool blog about it (which everyone will read)". I still have not posted any stories on my newest blog so you can guess how well that is going. :)

angelina la dawn said...

i love blogging! just found yours, and now i need to explore all these new ones're feeding the monster!