Sunday, January 24, 2010

sunday...thats my fun day...

have you seen my husbands blog? he got his diploma. craaaazy. last night i accidentally put domino's pizza boxes on top of it. oopsies. ha ha ha [btw, the new domino's pizza is positively scrumptious. i want more, i ate like 5 pieces last night!]

tonight i made lasagna. it was delicious. i used a ton of cheese and sauce and yummm my mouth is watering. darci threw it up, but she's pregnant so i'll let it slide... haha. [she did eat more afterwards so i guess it wasnt necessarily my food...]

doesnt it look good?

also, want to know how awesome my husband is (besides being smart and graduating college)? he let me buy these:
vintage cranberry boots, '70s

vintage blouse, '70s

both pieces are from this awesome vintage etsy store: Q's Daydream. i cant wait til they get here!!! i really love vintage clothing, i'm just kind of poor so i only own a few select pieces. these will add to my collection quite nicely. :] remember one of my "goals" was to dress cuter? i really want to dress more like i want to, instead of just how everyone else dresses at BYU. i mean, i dress a little differently, but i tend to calm it down for school. not like i want to be crazy, just a bit more fashionable perse (per say? perse? whaturr). a lot of blogs i've been lurking lately have only increased this desire. especially this one. she is adorable and looks like zooey deschanel and i love the way she dresses.

also, for the record, i won mario party tonight. booya. hope everyone had a wonderful sunday (or if not, that your week gets better!) ♥


Elizabeth Marie said...

Boots and lasagna?!! Best sunday ever!!! And congrats to your hubbs.

Whit said...

So its possible that I might have just spent an hour at that blog you mentioned where the girl looks like Zoey Deschanel... and the lasagna looks delicious!

Darci said...

Sorry I threw up your really was because of the fetus inside of me because I LOVE your lasagna. Promise.

yours truly dear said...

whit, that blog is addicting, right?! when i found it i just kept looking at it forever! and dorris, you better love it!