Friday, January 22, 2010

a yay post!

hello friends! today was a good day. school was ok, work was alright, but then i got to come home (my favorite place). one of my friends came over to look at some of our headbands (when i say our, i mean mine and darci's, which are the initial pieces of our inventory for our new shop, hoping to launch in february!). she bought 4. our first sale!!!

some of our headbands.
(my friend said she likes our headbands because there aren't many like ours online. and she said she would buy more. sweeeeet!)

our boys (aka our lovers) were like "she should have given you this cash in all ones, so you could frame your first dollar!" and then "well hey, just frame the 20!" and then "hey, we have chili's money! lets go!" and then "thanks for making us money, ladies" etc etc etc. haha. [dont worry, we didnt spend it, its going towards our supplies]

so then we went to chili's with our bffs, jeff and darci. i ate too much and then felt like a roly-poly, but it was good. then we came home and played games and such. then i had the brilliant idea to make cookies! i've been craving oatmeal chocolate-chip cookies for a while now, and i had some rolled oats in my food storage, so i made it happen.

unfortunately, i ate like seven. it was just like six, but then i just ate another one. they turned out really flat, but i used 'the cookie bible' so i blame them for that. they were good though. there goes that whole healthy thing least they contained oatmeal, right?

anyways, it was a fun night. tomorrow i plan to crochet a lot with darci. my friend betsy just gave us a ton of awesome yarn, it was like christmas! and now its pretty late so i'm off to bed. hope you all are having a lovely weekend! ♥

ps: yay for followers! thanks to everyone who is following me, my followers have doubled within the past couple weeks


Andhari said...

I like the headband on the right, the purple one. They're all so cute but purple color is my favorite :)

SnowflakeDreams1 said...

Congrats on your sale. All the headbands are so pretty.

angelina la dawn said...

yay for your first sale and for good days! can't wait to see your shop :)

angelina la dawn said...

oh yeah, and to answer your question- i make all my own tags!

Betsy said...

I'm in your blog!!! Woohoo!!!

Kristin said...

Your headbands are fabulous!