Tuesday, January 5, 2010


so recently ive found in the blogging world that you should call your resolutions "goals" so it seems less cliche, and more lasting. i dig it. oh, and people make cute signs to put somewhere in their house or something of their goals, so everyone can see how crafty they are. im sort of lazy, especially today [since theres some sort of sickness im trying to fight off], so that isnt gonna happen right now. maybe later...

anyways, ive been thinking about my "goals" lately, and i think it would be good to document them since its in writing and stuff, you know? i just found my goals from last year:
1. do all my 22 by 22 goals
2. get good grades in school
3. make an etsy store

looking back, im feeling the success. i did all but maybe 2 of my 22 by 22 goals, i have gotten increasingly better grades in school, and i have my own etsy store! so i feel pretty good that at least my goals were achievable.

so...(drumroll)...here are my 2010 "goals":
1. graduate from byu
2. make up my mind if i want to go to grad school or not (any input?)
3. open a store with my bff darci (in the works!)
4. get a career
5. make my blog cooler, get more followers, pump up the jam, etc

those may seem lofty goals, but i feel good about them. i mean, unless i fail classes this semester, #1 is golden. im kind of waiting to see on #2 based on where josh gets a job. #3 is in progress, like i said. #4 is probably the most lofty, but again, doable--i have some leads and we'll see where things go. #5 is just thrown in there for fun, mostly because i love blogging so much.

oh, and #6...be more cute. im chanelling the lovely zooey on this one.


Andhari said...

I like Zoeey Deschanel.. She wears a lot of jackets, and tights. And cute shoes. Usually wears her hair in messy cute pony tails so maybe if you're feeling Zooey you can try those too :)

Good luck on graduating and getting a career, those are my two goals as well.:)

Jon Ulf said...

Graduate school, definitely graduate school. It never hurt anyone.

Kimberly said...

My vote: Grad school! :) (Since you asked.)

angelina la dawn said...

i'm with you on goal #6. ah zooey how i love you.

Liv said...

That's a mighty fine list of goals you have there.

And my vote is just say no to more school. I don't want you getting more edumacated than me.

Having been graduated for almost 3 yrs now, I know I'll never have the discipline to go back to school. You should probably do it sooner rather than later.

LiLu said...

She is the cutest thing in the world.

What a hooker.

Gemma Louise said...

zoooeeeyy is so cute. also i read in your about me bit in your profile, i agree, lower case always looks neater! good luck xx