Wednesday, December 31, 2008


a year ago, i made 5 resolutions:
1. floss
2. exercise regularly
3. have a killer wedding
4. learn how to play the guitar
5. get a pet (we're thinking a kitty)

update on these:
1. no, i dont really floss. i did for a while tho.
2. no, i dont exercise regularly. unless walking all over campus counts. and i did a video for a while.
3. yes, i had a beyond killer wedding. it was awesome.
4. i learned a few chords. meh.
5. we got our little jay-z :]

some new resolutions:
1. do all my 22 by 22 goals
2. get good grades in school
3. make an etsy store

it seems like 2008 has flown by. it was a good year. biggest thing of all: we got married :] next year will be fun as well. we have a great apartment, awesome friends, and (awww) eachother. thats all we need.

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