Friday, August 28, 2009

my mosaic (thanks darcee...i mean darci)

  1. My Name: Jess. this girl is pretty, so i picked her. i kind of expected a picture of jessica simpson or something to pop up, but it didnt.

  2. My Favorite Food: pepperoni pizza!!!! isnt this cute? (here's a heart for you rubi!)

  3. My Highschool: greely high school. hockey was a big thing at my high school. one of my best friends was captain of the girls hockey team.

  4. My favorite color(s): green, yellow, and purple. this cool picture has all of those colors in it! anyways, all three of these are pretty much equally my favorite. green used to be my favorite for a long time, but now i like all of them a lot.

  5. The place that I am at now: in my green armchair. mine is cooler than the one in the picture though, although that one is pretty cool too.

  6. My favorite drink: mountain dew. too bad i cant drink it anymore, since im off caffeine. it's really depressing actually. now when we go out to eat i just pick sprite. yawn....

  7. My Dream Vacation: moreton island, australia. you can feed wild dolphins. they have a beautiful resort there. i stayed there when i went to australia, and i have ALWAYS wanted to go back!!! too bad plane tickets are so darn expensive! this picture comes from an activity you can do on the island: sand duning. it's fun, you slide down these huge hills of sand on a board, almost like tubing. they take cool pictures of you jumping from the top too, which looks cool.

  8. My favorite treat: candy. pretty much any kind of candy. i love it. i liked this picture, even though jelly beans arent my absolute favorite. really, im just a candy fiend. its kind of a problem actually...

  9. What I want to be when I grow up: a hydrologist, or a plant consultant. really, we will just have to see what the future holds in store for me and josh, but i would prefer one of those.

  10. What's most important to me: i typed in "lovvve," because there are a lot of things i love that are important to me: love of family, friends, the environment, etc.

  11. A word to describe me: tree hugger. ha ha ha. :]

  12. A nickname of mine: "silly." this stems from watching the simple life, with paris and nicole. before they go to bed they say "goodnight silly," and then the other one says "goodnight billy." since im the girl, josh says goodnight silly to me and i say goodnight billy.

Make one of your own. Its easy. Here is how:

Step 1: Go to
Step 2: In another window open
Step 3: Choose 4 columns, 3 rows
Step 4: Answer the questions in the search bar of flickr and pick your favorite picture on the page and paste the address into the mosaic maker. Create the mosaic and then save it to your computer and post it as a picture.

props to where my pics came from:
1. Jess-Flow, 2. You Want A Pizza My Heart ..., 3. The Puck Behind The Greely Goalie.., 4. My purple all star for the first time at the park, 5. green armchair, 6. 4/52 Green, 7. Sand Dune Jump - Moreton Island, Australia, 8. jellybeans, 9. Historical charm in Oud Naarden, 10. , 11. Untitled, 12. 050/365 February 19, 2009 "Hello, My name is Lauren Lemon."


Darci said...

Yay you did it too! And I will shank you for spelling my name with 2 'e's....

Andhari said...

Ohhh pizza with heart, seriously cute.:) I never thought pizza could be a cute food :p

Ps. Australia is definitely one of my favorite places to visit, so many things to check out.:)

Kristine said...

Stole it! And had fun with it! :)