Friday, July 31, 2009

az part 5: THE chair

so, my dad LOVES yard sales. always has. because of this, i have grown up with a love for yard sales. when we were in arizona, one morning we went around searching for yard sales to see if we could get some good finds for their new house. we turned on this one street and pulled up to a house. from the car i spotted it. THE chair. i hurried to unbuckle my seatbelt and jump out to run to the chair (well, walk briskly. i only run in life or death situations, duh). josh and my dad looked at eachother like "what the heck??" as i raced to view the beauty. the price sticker on it said $75. i asked, "how much are you willing to sell this for?" to which they responded, "we sold the other one for $50." i turned to josh and begged "pleeeeeeeease josh pleeeeeeeease!!! we can fit it in the honda!!! pleeeeeeeeease!!!!!" to which the cute ladies at the yard sale echoed me "yeah josh, pleeeeease!?" it was pretty funny.

after mulling around the yard sale for a few minutes, and me nagging josh the whole time, i finally walked back up to the ladies and said "can i have it for $30?" the cute ladies looked at eachother and then back at me and said "sure."

we placed it by the front door of our apartment. isnt it cute? i got a new ikea picture and it looks perfect up on the wall. (sorry the picture is crooked...i need to go fix that...)

isnt it beautiful?? :]

on another note, we went to the mall today. they have skinny jeans for $10 at wet seal. i love new clothes. so does jay-z:


Darci said...

I really love this chair. I wish I had a bigger car some days so that I could just drive it around on the weekends and fill it full of sweet stuff from garage sales.

rubi said...

that chair is amazing.

Liv said...

The chair and the drapes are fantastic. WAY TO GO!!

Liz Canaan Roberts said...

love this chair!! you know me.

jdavissquared said...

yep, that's one fantastic green chair! thanks for sharing the link with me! ;)