Wednesday, July 22, 2009

az part 4: the dentist

soooo, my dad works at aspen dental, which is a dentist place obviously. he is a lab technician, and the manager person who keeps all the people in the office happy. im sure there is some sort of title for that, but i cant think of it. anyways... when we were in arizona we got lucky enough for his office to have some extra time. i havent gotten my teeth cleaned since i was on vacation in maine 1.5 years ago (before that it had been 3 years..). joshua on the other hand...hadnt had his teeth cleaned in 6 years. SIX! so umm yeah, it had been a while.

let me just preface the rest of this experience by saying i have NEVER had a cavity in my life. in all my 22 years (im young, i know!) i havent had a single one. well...that streak is over. apparently now i have TWO that have developed in the past year and a half. they are small, and in beginning stages or whatever, so i dont have to have them filled for at least 6 months. but i was seriously crushed.

joshua on the other hand, mr i-dont-go-to-the-dentist, had ZERO cavities!!! although he did have horrible placque and the lady kept saying "im so sorry, usually i would numb someone before doing this, im so sorry!" so he got some special kind of rinse and i was jealous.

anyways, thats my story. im mad my cavity-free streak is over. i bought ACT mouthwash and hope to reverse the curse. we shall see....

now, off to go work on my drapes!


Andhari said...

This makes me scared, I never go to the dentist ( i never had to ) and I'm afraid of it but now a check up sounds necessary :(

los jones said...

ACT is the best!

yours truly dear said...

umm yeah you should probably go andhari :] haha. its not fun but then again neither is having all your teeth rot out.

and rubi...i hope act works wonders!!!