Tuesday, July 21, 2009

sometimes....i sew

so josh is camping this week, which means after i get home from work i usually feel like crashing. but sometimes i do productive things. like today, i started my latest project of making drapes for our bedroom window. when i was in arizona visiting my parents, we were at walmart (gasp!) and i saw this cute fabric on clearance for $1.50 a yard! i was all over it.

so today after i took a shower etc etc i started making them. this is kind of a difficult fabric, so my mom told me to "pin the crap out of it." so i did. jay-z wanted to help, and i had to keep shooing him away. this was the closest i let him get...

[the box in the background was a box used for moving, not a box for purchasing alcohol. thanks. also, the wooden box is my sewing box that my dad made for me. its awesome.]

jay-z started being all cute and stretching out and i was worried he would get pins in him, or claw the fabric. he likes sewing though.

here is the material i am using, all pinned up. i have to do it in panels, since our window is longer than the fabric is wide. so tonight i finished one panel. i will make 1 or 2 more, depending on what size of a curtain rod i get.

so there you have it, me being all productive and stuff. ive wanted to make drapes for our bedroom since we moved in though (over a year ago), and finally i decided we are going to be here long enough that it will be worth it. plus, the fabric was cute and affordable [the perfect match].

the end :]


Andhari said...

Ohhh look at you all creative! I love the color of the fabric. :) and Jay-Z is adorable.

The Blairs said...

Cool. I can't wait to see how they turn out.

Kristine said...

My kitty tried to eat a sewing pin today... That's after I caught him playing with an old razor... Kitty clearly has a death wish!

Betsy said...

Ummm... I want dad to make me a sewing box!