Monday, July 20, 2009


so...check out my sexy tan line:

oh wait....... that isnt a tan line. thats a dirt line. ewwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!! after hiking about 6 miles today, wearing long jeans, hiking boots, and socks.... this is what my leg looked like after i took off my hiking boots. it was a rough day. i worked 12 hours. yes....12 hours. 7am to 7pm. [ps, ignore the prickly-ish looking legs. my bad..]

walking out of our last water quality site (which took 2 miles one way to walk to) i really didnt think i was going to make it. again, i was scheming on how i could break something so i could be life-flighted out. it was rough. and i was very rugged.

and now its past my bedtime and i have to do it all over again tomorrow. i refuse to work another 12 hour day though, so i will tell my coworker to take a hike (haha, how punny) if such things reoccur.

goodnight ♥


Andhari said...

That sounds tiring, I hope you have a good rest. May I ask what you guys are working on?:) you mentioned sites and the hikes, just curious :)

yours truly dear said...

i am a hydrologic technician for the forest service. basically i walk streams and classify what type they are, measure the width/depth/flow/etc, measure the bank stability, and characterize the stream. we also test water quality and do bacteria sampling. i did it last summer too :]

fonda said...

JESS!! it's fonda from p2p aus/nz (long time ago i know - still remember me??) i was gonna post on your fb wall to see ask how you've been but then i noticed you have a blog and wanted to check it out. you're such a funny writer - i think i might start reading this periodically, if that's okay!

if you're ever traveling to maine to visit fam and friends, you should stop by pennsylvania and say hi!!

yours truly dear said...

FONDU!!! hiiii :] i love when people read my blog!! haha. so good to hear from you! love you!