Sunday, August 30, 2009

juji is [NOT] old

so, as you can see from juji's blog, i threw a surprise party for him last night. muah ha ha ha. there were 18 people over, not including me and josh, and all of us were waiting in our apartment. jeff was the decoy, who took josh with him to look for ps3's. when they came back, josh opened the door and we yelled SURPRISE!!! and he was surprised. even though he knew something was up, since he can "read me like a book." but i still tricked him :] and now he has an age complex and wont stop complaining about how old he is. he even exclaimed that he "robbed the cradle," to which i told him "please stop it, i am only 2 and a half years younger than you, get over it!"

check out this photo album, i added the [few] pictures i took from last night to it.

tomorrow school starts. i have been stressing out this whole week. i clench my teeth at night. its rather painful, but at least i dont grind them. i had my dad make me a nightguard (he does that kind of dental stuff), which helps a little. i found it yesterday and used it last night.

here are the classes i am planning on taking this semester (since i know some people, namely family members, are interested):

-conservation biology
-basic entrepreneurship skills
-intro to GIS
-rangeland vegetation improvement
-plant id team
-islam & the [lds] gospel

i was also going to take an air pollution class to substitute for this class i dont want to take, but that would make my schedule 18 credit hours, so im going to switch some things around. that way i am just taking 15 credit hours this semester.

anyways, i canNOT wait for april, when i will finally graduate. being a super senior is getting old!

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Andhari said...

I cantttt wait to graduate too..all these school works drive me crazyyyy :D

Ps. Yay for succesful surprise party!:)