Monday, August 24, 2009

weekends are fun

sunny's birthday was sunday, and josh's birthday is this saturday. so we had a family birthday party yesterday.

sunny got a princess umbrella

she was so cute with it!
juji, bear, and lila cate enjoying the festivities
sunny was getting ready to blow out the candles
it took a few tries to blow all the candles out
the soon-to-be birthday boy
she is so adorable!
we got her that belt, isnt she cute?
sarah feeding little griffin (dont get mad sarah, it's so cute!)
lila cate came and sat with josh for a long time. quite shocking actually!
i got to hold baby griffin ♥
soooo cute

i promise im not smothering him!
josh likes this picture, even though i look crazy in the background haha
and of course, my hottie was taking pictures of himself...

to sum it all up, it was a blast. i love josh's family. there was delicious food and all of our adorable nieces and nephews. basically, im the luckiest aunt ever. loves it.

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Andhari said...

Sunny is sooo cute, happy birthday to her :)