Saturday, August 22, 2009

this weeks adventures

so, i went camping in logan again this past week. that girl still hasnt been found. now they have signs up everywhere, hoping that some sort of camper/hiker/hunter will find her and recognize her. it really is a sad situation.

it was my last week of work camping. this week is my official last week of work, which will mostly consist of write ups (which is fine by me because i am sick of hiking to be frank..). then school starts next monday. ahhhhhhhhhhhh.

this morning i woke up early (9am) because there was a killer yard sale that i read about on craigslist, described as the 'woman's dream moving sale'. i was all over that. i got tons of tops, 2 bags, a pair of boots, a dress, a skirt, and like 5 jackets...all for 40 bucks. one of the jackets was a rocawear jacket (jay-z's line) with the original price tag on it...$195.00. i got it for 5 bucks. hollaaaa.

then, i was going to go on this hike with people from my church, but instead i decided i needed to get my hair did (anyone from my church reading this, please dont be mad!!!). i got it dyed dark brown (the color had faded and i had roots showing etc etc) and trimmed, so i can be all ready for school. in the summer i look so gross because i work all the time anyway, but since that is almost over it's time to look nice again :]

tonight we are going to see district 9, which josh has proclaimed his favorite movie of the year so far. we shall see how it measures up!

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Andhari said...

Ohhh I wanna see your picture with the new hair, are you going to upload it?:)

Speaking of District 9, I haven't watched it yet. Maybe I should soon, heard so many good things about it.