Friday, August 14, 2009

back for the weekend!

i have been camping for work this week. i have 2 more weeks of work left, and next week is camping too. ugh. oh well, im almost almost almost done...

i have some pictures from the week, but they are on my work camera, which is at work..

the creepy thing? there is a girl missing around the area where we are staying. someone at the ranger district told us to keep an eye out for a girl with green hair. apparently she went out in the woods with her puppy to end her life. thats the last thing i want to find in the woods! all week i was praying that she would be found alive and well, and be able to get the help she needs. yikes. as far as i know she hasnt been found yet.

yesterday i got back, and we hung out with our bffs, which included going to sams club. always an adventure...

we also picked up pictures at walmart that i had printed for our photo album. we have like zero pictures, except for on our computer. so i went through pictures from the last year and a half, and now our photo album is full! its pretty exciting :]

also, this is happening right now:

please dont get mad at me josh for posting this...but its cute. jay-z was asleep too until i moved to take a picture on my phone, and here he is just settling down again.

i love being home ♥

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Andhari said...

Why would anybody wanna do that in the woods? That's sooo creepy. I hope she's found.:(