Sunday, August 9, 2009

my latest [green] goal:


on thursday i went to zupas with my coworkers for lunch. i asked for a water cup, went and filled it up, sat down at my table, and then went "shoot!! this is styrofoam!!"

i've been thinking about doing this for a while, but i always forget, or never get serious about it. well, now im serious. ive read more about it, researched a bit more, and i am no longer going to use styrofoam. ever. (well, thats the goal).

if i ask for a to go box and all they have is styrofoam, i will say no thanks. if i ask for a cup for water at a food place and they offer me styrofoam, i will say no thanks. if i need to buy paper plates and they only have styrofoam, or styrofoam is cheaper, i will say no thanks. (paper plates is a-whole-nother issue but its all about balance...water vs paper)

about styrofoam:
i found a good report written by a college student from 2004 that was very informational and well written. LINK.

i found a company that makes a styrofoam alternative and has information on the hazards of styrofoam. LINK.

even if you google polystyrene (the kind of plastic that styrofoam is), you can find many links about the hazards--not even just environmentally but also health-related.

so there you have it. i am now anti-styrofoam. wish me luck!


Liv said...

freeport was completely styrofoam free until shaw's moved in. lame shaw's. but other than that, i think the town is doing great banning it!!

good for you jess :)

Andhari said...

Definitely wish you luck. I avoid stereofoams too. It's too scary!

Jon Ulf said...

What about Jamba Juice?! Aren't their cups styrofoam?

yours truly dear said...

ew. i dont get jamba juice. it looks like throw up when you open the lid.