Sunday, February 9, 2014

flashback: October fun

October was a fun month around here. George turned one month old. He was still in the newborn stage (sleep, eat, poop, repeat) until he was about 7 weeks old. He was such a fatty that I didn't have to worry about waking him up in the middle of the night to feed him. He would often sleep for 6 hour stretches overnight, which was awesome!! His 7th and 8th week were not quite as lovely, as he started to "wake up" and break away from the newborn stage. He got a bit more grumpy, especially at night before bedtime, and his naps were pretty short. Thankfully this grumpy stage only lasted about 2-3 weeks, and then he turned back into a sweet little angel (although naps didn't really get much longer...but at least he's such a happy baby that it makes it easy to handle).

The weather stayed pretty nice for October, and we would often take trips to the park on the weekends. George would get bundled in the Ergo, and we'd go chase Henry around the playground. Our favorite is Discovery Park, and here are some pictures from one of our many visits there:

cutie in action

this little bridge is his favorite--he runs back and forth over and over

heading to the toddler section of the park


king of the slide!

scary selfieeee ahhhhhh!! ;)

In October we went to church for the first time with George. We stayed away for a few weeks to avoid germs of course. He was about 6 weeks old, and I got him dressed up in an adorable outfit (lent to us from Darci, thanks girl!). He was so chunky that it was almost too small already, even though it was a 0-3 mo outfit.

looking dapper
Since George was born, I have LOVED seeing how Henry interacts with him. He is so sweet, and such a loving big brother. He gives him love and hugs alllllll the time. If he hears George crying (ex when he wakes up from a nap), he'll say "Oh nooo! Baby!" and then go with me to make sure he's ok. Sometimes at bedtime I'll put George in Henry's bed. Henry thinks it is the funniest/awesome-est thing ever. It really is adorable.

babies in bed
And how does George feel about all the attention? He loves it. He is constantly entertained by his brother, and never complains about the often occasional smothering love. ♥

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