Wednesday, February 5, 2014

blue tights and pretty bows

You should all know by now that I really like eShakti. I've posted about them before, and I've liked everything that I have received from them. My favorite part of their website is customizing pieces to fit your wants/needs. As in, changing sleeve length, neck type, overall length, pockets, etc. Back in the end of September, eShakti sent me this wonderful dress. Because I had just had a baby I wasn't exactly ready to model it for the whole world to see.. But now I'm feeling pretty fly, and this cute bow dress only helps. So here is its grand debut!!

well hello there!


oh yeah, my hair is purple now ♥
eShakti sells clothing in sizes 0-36w. With the available sizing and all the different ways you can customize each piece, they literally have something for everyone. You can even customize their clothing down to every single measurement if you want. So you could pull out the old measuring tape and get a perfectly tailored piece (for the small price of $7.50...whaaaat?! Craziness!!).

Right now they are having a spring introductory sale, and everything on their site is 20% off!! They have so many different styles, adorable prints, and fresh fashion that you are sure to fall in love with something. Personally, I have my eye on this adorable giraffe print dress:

flounce hem giraffe print dress
What are you waiting for?? Go check them out!!

ps: I noticed on their site they have a limited time offer available to new customers of a $30 gift coupon!!

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Courtney B said...

One word. Daaaaaayum.
I want that dress!