Tuesday, February 4, 2014

playing catch up...

I've [obviously] been on a blogging hiatus. I keep saying that I want to blog, but never actually do it. I figured with facebook and instagram I pretty much have everything covered. Although as Josh reminded me, "you don't tell stories on those, like you do on your blog". I guess I've just been lazy and have allowed micro-blogging to rule the roost.

My blog used to be about stuff like fashion and sewing and fun stuff like that. Then I had Henry and didn't want my blog to just be like LOOK AT MY BABY!!! Which is why I came up with the Oh Henry blog. But as more time has gone by, my life has been much more centered around my children and husband than just things like fashion or sewing. In fact, I barely sew at all anymore (pretty sad, I know). And I don't often feel like I'm super fashionable anymore...most days I just wear gym clothes or my go to jeans/tshirt combo. This isn't a pity party though about how I'm no longer creative or cute. I'd like to think that's still in the mix. What this is about is that my kids (and Josh, duh) are the most important things in my life. And if I'm going to take some precious naptime minutes to post stuff on this blog, it's most likely going to be about them.

So...I think I might retire my Oh Henry blog. It will make a nice book to have printed out :) And from now on I will be posting about everything and anything on here. And if people don't like it, they don't have to read it. Which seems so basic and obvious and duhhhhh, but sometimes when you're writing blogs you feel a certain amount of pressure to have it appeal to the masses. Well, I do at least... 

I have a lot of catching up to do on here, so it may take some time. But hopefully I'll be able to get everything updated. For anyone actually reading this...hiiiiiiiii! Glad you're sticking around for the madness ;)


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l i z said...

yay for family first and blog-honesty! totally feel you on this... and i got on here b/c i'm feeling like i want to start blogging again as well. (and two of my kids are asleep and the other one is with Ben on and errand).