Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Flashback: Halloween!

You know you're super behind in blogging when at least three major holidays have passed since the one you're blogging about... ;) haha. Anyways, HALLOWEEN!!!! Since Henry has been obsessed with Elmo this past year, our friends let us borrow their Elmo costume (thanks Dorris!) and all of Henry's Elmo dreams came true ;). And to go along with Elmo, I decided to have George be the cookie monster. It was probably the cutest thing I've ever seen (although I've been known to be biased, I suppose).

Star of the show. A random old lady even asked to take a picture because she thought he was so cute.

But really, this is the cutest EVER.
I was a cat, duh. Leopard pants + random cat ears + makeup? Easiest costume ever and I sort of looked like I tried. Josh thinks Halloween is annoying and didn't dress up, so we'll just say he went as Scrooge ;)


the only picture I managed to get of them together #halloweenfail

We ended up going over to a friends house for the evening, since they live in a neighborhood and we just live in townhouses. Their neighborhood had a trunk-or-treat, so we walked down to where everyone's vehicles were lined up. I was pretty excited to have Henry collect candy for me. I left Josh with the Cookie Monster and took my little Elmo to go get some treats. Unfortunately, Henry was not on the same page as me... he did NOT understand that we were just collecting the candy and that I he would eat it all later. So with each new piece he would just try to hand it to me to open. He didn't want them going into his bucket, which he probably thought is where candy goes to die. When I wouldn't open each new treat, he started to get pretty frustrated and was probably thinking "what is the point of this, lady?! OPEN THIS!!!". This lovely meltdown resulted in me carrying him from vehicle to vehicle to collect my candy, while putting on a little smile and saying "I guess he's just a little to young to get it, he just wants to eat every piece!" Add nervous laughter (from me), tears (from Henry), and commiseration stories (from them), and we finally made it to each trunk.

"Mom, I must eat all of this immediately"
After I had collected all the candy (because let's face it--I did all the work!), we grabbed some food from the neighborhood potluck. I considered switching kids and making the rounds a second time, but George is just too youthful looking and I knew I'd get busted.

Elmo likes carbs

After we got some food, both kids were totally over Halloween. It was cold outside, George was hungry, and Henry was just eating lots of rolls and trying [unsuccessfully] to open candy wrappers. I started to get over it too... after all that hard work, I didn't even get that much good candy. People must have thought that I was actually going to let my child eat all of that candy (ha!), so they kept giving us age-appropriate things like twizzlers and pretzels. Umm...do I look like I want to eat pretzels?!?! Unless they are smothered in chocolate, no thank you.

We ditched the trunk-or-treat and went back to our friends house to hang out and let the kiddos play. Unfortunately, Henry isn't always the most graceful of children. I have no idea where he got that trait from ;) The poor kid tripped over a pillow (that he had put on the ground!), and fell headfirst right into our friends couch. He did a little cry for about .5 seconds and then ran off to keep playing. A few moments later he ran a lap past me and I noticed something on his eye. Apparently the couch was a little mad at Henry's face, and gave him his first official black eye. He was just having too much fun playing to care!!

The next day. He was giving the camera a pouty model look.
Despite the setbacks, we did have a fun time. :) I am looking forward to next year when Henry will understand Halloween a little bit better, and I he can get a killer candy stash for me to demolish. The black eye wasn't super fun, but he got a story out of it. And Henry and George were the cutest Sesame Street characters I've ever seen, so what more could you ask for?!

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