Thursday, October 25, 2012

saturday's adventures

on saturday i took my nieces Sunny and Lila on a girls date. they are so adorable, and we just had a blast! i picked them up from their house and they were so excited, it was too cute. we went and got lunch at mcdonalds, and they got happy meals and had so much fun decorating their scooby-doo buckets that the meals came in. they also got a really big kick out of the talking trash cans (they say thank you when you throw away your trash). after lunch we went to walgreens and they each picked out a nail polish color, and then went to my house and got manicures.

Sunny got blue tips, and gold shatter on top
Lila got a "pattern", and here she is showing it off ;)
i had such a fun time with them--i love these girls!! they are seriously so sweet. thanks Sarah for letting me steal them for a little bit :)

also on saturday, me and Henny went to HeeHaw Farms with some friends. catch that post here. :)

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