Friday, October 26, 2012

hair today, gone tomorrow...again?!

on sunday i made a bad decision... i bleached my own hair. you know how the ends were purple? that's because we had bleached them before and then put in the purple. i was waiting a while with the intention of getting them bleached again so the purple would be brighter the next time i applied it. so i got a bleach kit from Sally's, and had some extra time on sunday.......things did not go so well, and i ended up with fried poodle hair.

moral of the story: DO NOT BLEACH YOUR OWN HAIR AT HOME!!! it's worth the drive and the extra money to not ruin your hair. thankfully i wasn't bleaching allllll of my hair, or i would be bald right now. it was mildly traumatic, and there may have been a few tears shed. i'm sort of obsessed with my [now non-existant] long hair. thankfully one of my neighbors does hair and was available on short notice, and came to my rescue with a cute haircut. at least eight inches of hair were cut off, if not more :(

Henry didn't seem to mind the new 'do

short hair!
last night i dyed the ends purple again, so instead of the blond its now a deep purple. i'm trying to get used to having short hair again. long hair was my signature look! and i honestly just do not look as good with shorter hair. but i'm trying to rock it, and just waiting for it to grow out.

the one nice thing? washing my hair takes like 2 seconds. i can handle that :)


Shantillylace said...

You look cute with short hair! I miss my long hair too! Hopefully it will grow fast!

l i z said...

remember when i first met you and you had the funkiest short hair ever (with really short bangs)? and you were going to BYU. you gave me hope that i didn't have to be a conformist to go there.

anyway i love you hair however you rock it!

also, when i hacked mine off a few months after Maisie was born i thought she might freak. didn't even notice. :)

yours truly dear said...

thank you ladies :) and yes liz, those were good times at byu :) haha