Thursday, October 18, 2012

5 ways to find & capture your soulmate

there are all these awesome articles that are lists on how to do stuff, or not do stuff, and they're all advice-filled, etc etc etc. and they're super serious and thought provoking. and smart sounding. i'm sure you've seen them floating around the internet. and--confession--i usually like them. then last night when i was laying in bed i was thinking how it's so weird that you can go from not knowing someone, to meeting them, somehow getting to date them, and then having it become love, and then marriage. HOW DOES THAT EVEN HAPPEN!?! how did it happen to me?!


lets write a listy-list on how i found and captured my soulmate ;) without further ado, here are my tips. take it or leave it..

1. don't be scared
being timid won't get you anywhere. except for maybe being preyed on by outgoing/aggressive/annoying guys. which no one wants. so don't be scared! be willing to make a fool of yourself, show your true colors, and wave your freak flag. ultimately you want to be with someone who likes all those things, so why not be up front about them?

2. talk to people
or in my case, harass people. ok, i didn't harass josh (per se)... but i tried to think of things to say to him in class. one time i brought up all the hurricanes in florida (where he's from, and this was in '07 when they were really bad that one winter) as a way to try and talk to him. also, i needed to get him out of his shell a little bit, because he's really shy until you get to know him. plus, if you never talk to anyone, how will you ever meet your soulmate!? or even know if you have anything in common!

3. share your snacks
sharing goldfish went a long way in starting our friendship. enough said. [what? i wanted it to be 5 tips, not 4!]

4. don't be afraid to make the first move
i asked josh out. i wanted to go out with him, so i made it happen. in my personal opinion, playing "hard to get" is annoying and over-rated. this is the 21st century, people. women don't just belong in the kitchen anymore (ahem, take notes mr. romney...). oh, i also eventually asked josh to be my boyfriend. cuz that's how i roll. and no, i didn't propose to him, i let him do all that hard work ;)

5.  keep it real
this covers many aspects. how you act yourself, how you act with eachother, how you act in certain situations, etc.. be true to yourself, and remember what is important. don't be flippant or shady with your feelings and actions. if you know it's the real deal, don't throw it away.

well, you probably didn't learn anything from this list, but i hope you enjoyed reading it. i should insert some sort of disclaimer that it's past my bedtime, and so my thoughts are becoming fuzzy. or i could just own it. take notes kids, and go forth and find your soulmates!

[or, if you're already with your soulmate, just be grateful you found them and it all worked out well for you :) hallelujah, right?!]

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Emelro said...

i love it! especially number 4...holla!