Tuesday, October 16, 2012

if i were rich: marc by marc jacobs

if i was rich, i have a sneaking suspicion that my entire wardrobe would consist of marc jacobs pieces. well, a majority of my wardrobe. i think he is an amazing designer. i especially love Marc by Marc Jacobs, which is where i found all of the following:
tribal dress? yes please!

amazing jacket

who says you can't wear navy and black together?!

cardigans are one of my staples. love this whole look.

color + style = amazing!
i mean, the pictures really speak for themselves. and it's not just his individual pieces, it's the whole outfits he puts together too. i would wear any of these outfits! and i love the purse. of course i could never afford any of it, which is why it's being shown on my blog, instead of on me ;).

do you have a favorite designer?

ps: i should totally be a model for marc jacobs, right? anyone have his phone number? ;)

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