Tuesday, September 25, 2012

helicopter ride!

our work uses helicopters as part of transmission line construction. the whole time i've worked for this company, i've never been on the helicopter, while most of my coworkers (and husband) have. this past week i went out to hike some crazy terrain for work, and got some helicopter rides. i have never flown in a helicopter before, so it was an extra fun experience for me!

on the first day, after a long day of hiking, we got picked up by the helicopter to fly out of the mountains. there were 3 of us together, and normally the pilot only takes 2 people at a time, so he doesn't have anyone in the front. but this time he made an exception, and i got to sit up front by the pilot! he handed me a headset and i slipped it on, and we got to chat while flying. i told him it was my first helicopter ride and he asked if i was scared, and i was like "no! this is awesome!"

laughing into my headset
the next day i got to ride in the helicopter twice! once into the mountains, and then once back out. it was so fun, i wish i could do it every day! both of these times there were only 2 of us passengers, so i rode in the back (with no doors on!).

hows that for an open door policy?!

ew, you can see how smokey the air has been!

on my last flight, it was me and my supervisor heading out of the mountains. the pilot decided to have some fun with us, so he made the helicopter drop really fast. after we were done screaming, he then did it again! we screamed some more, and then we saw him look back and laugh. too fun :)

yay for helicopter rides!

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