Sunday, August 14, 2011

work adventures

on friday at work we had short-haul training. this is when you are attached to a helicopter from a long rope, they lift you up and then fly (at 60 mph) to another spot, and set you down. we were having training on it because there are a few spots on the transmission line we're building that aren't accessible yet (no roads, mountainous terrain, etc). so in order for surveyors and us wildlife biologists to get in (and out of) there and check things out, short-haul is the solution.

i obviously didn't partake in training, besides just listening and seeing how it was done. josh, however, got to do it!!! they take 2 people up at a time, so he went up with one of our coworkers. here are some pictures from the adventure:

waiting to be lifted up

starting to get lifted into the air


up in the air, traveling at 60 mph, just dangling from a helicopter!

on the way back to get set down

josh said it was awesome!! two of the guys we work with got to go up in the mountains later in the day and put the training to use. they were way up in the air, high over the mountains, and then got set down in the mountains to go hike part of the line. craziness! who knew being a wildlife biologist could be so cool, huh? ;)


our home to yours said...

wow, now I know what I want to be when I grow up, hahaha.

Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

Woah! That is insane!

Halcyon said...

First of all...CONGRATULATIONS on A MIRACLE!!! I am so out of the loop! We are SO SO SO excited for little Henry to become a Mikel! And you are already half way! The next 20 weeks are my it up!
Second of all...I don't ever remeber kicking a girl with a mohawk out. I don't think I would have either...did I?? Was it you or a friend? It sounds like a story for sure!

Emily said...

that is toh-up.