Saturday, August 20, 2011

21 weeks

hallelujah that its the weekend! here are some recent highlights:

i made a new boyfriend at work. he's a horned lizard.

theres an ice cream shop kind of near our house and they have delicious mint chocolate chip ice cream! yesterday was the first day i've been, and i just had to go back today :) haha

we're watching our friends dog for the weekend! her name is puff. she's my new bff.

and here i am at 21 weeks. i'm starting to actually feel big, and just yesterday someone at work told me i look like i swallowed a basketball. i'm obviously not that big, but henry is definitely protruding more lately. also, i've started to feel henry's kicks from the outside! its not super often, but it just started on thursday. josh has felt the kicking on 2 separate occasions, and its so cool :) the first time was thursday night and he felt one kick. he said it was cool, but that it was like a little burp or something haha. and then this afternoon he felt him kick like 3-4 times. i think now he actually believes me that i can feel henry moving ;) haha. yayyy!

anything fun happened for you this week? i hope you have a great weekend!!


Rachel Hatch said...

yay!! you are so cute!! That is so so exciting that he is kicking!!

Jessica Dahlquist said...

You are too cute. Glad you're enjoying the pregnancy so much. It really is such a miracle a lot of people just take for granted.

Emily said...

omg, i love mint ice cream. let's get some this weekend.