Saturday, August 13, 2011

20 weeks

today marks 20 weeks. half way!! woohoo! i had my 20-week ultrasound on thursday, and it went great! for all the doubters out there, henry is still, indeed, a henry. on thursday he was measuring 20 weeks 6 days, and is already 13 oz! at 20 weeks they're typically 9 oz, so he's getting kind of big! here are some pictures from the ultrasound:

profile. yes, he's already a stud :)

footprint. so cute!

his legs were crossed. so adorable!

this week has been pretty good. only been sick a few times, and i've felt little henry moving around some more. sleeping has been harder recently, since i normally sleep on my stomach. my belly is getting a little bit too big to sleep on my stomach comfortably, plus i feel like i'm squishing poor henry. i bought a body pillow and thats been helping a little bit. most of my pants still fit thankfully, but i know that won't last forever :/ anddd the nursery is almost all ready, we have all the furniture now and just need to finish decorations! now hows that for a bunch of random info? haha. here is the look of the week:

outfit breakdown: tshirt: forever-21; tank: target; belt: thrifted; pants: bleecker (from alloy); ring: lia sophia

i wasn't posing for this, i promise. but i liked it haha :)

i hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

ps: if you could please include josh's grandpa in your prayers we would really appreciate it. he's had a rough week. the last we heard he was doing better, but any extra prayers are always helpful. thank you ♥


Emily said...

1. you're hot 2. I CAN'T WAIT TO MEET HENRY!!!! 3. i totally sleep on my stomach too...i never even thought of that :/ haha

cupcake cutie said...

awwwww yay! you are so cute preggers:) congrats!!

Mandi said...

Fantastic! You look positively lovely.

Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

Oh my gosh look at that cute lil' bump! You look amazing! And do you have a sapphire ring? Did I know that?