Thursday, August 30, 2012

happy birthday joshy!

ok...late birthday. obviously i wished him happy birthday on his actual birthday in real life (although it took me a little bit to remember in the morning...oops!), but i didn't have time to do anything on the blog for it. SO, josh's birthday was yesterday. he turned 23. hehehe. ok, it was his 5th anniversary of his 23rd birthday ;) but if you see him just let him know how young and awesome he looks. he'll like you for life!

i love you josh! you're such a great husband, father, and friend. also, you're a stud. happppppy [yesterday..] birthdayyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!! ♥

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Emelro said...

birfdayyyyy!!!!!! i wish we could have been there. also, i'll make sure to wear my blue plaid shirt when you guys come out so i can annoy josh (and now henny).