Sunday, August 26, 2012

DIY: confetti nails

as you may know, i love doing my nails. i always say if you didn't have to deal with feet, i would be a nail technician. i have an entire pinterest board called nail polish love. which is where i saw the below picture which inspired my current manicure:

the goal: confetti nails!
first paint your nails white (or whatever base color you'd like)
to do the dots, i used this method to create a "dotting tool" (take a flat pin and stick it into the eraser of a pencil). then i took a piece of wax paper and dropped the colors i wanted onto it as i went along. i dipped the "dotting tool" in the drop of nail polish and made the little dots on my nails. i kept it simple with three colors, but you can do however many you want.

like so
i chose pink dots. i just placed them randomly in the general area i wanted my confetti for each nail

then i added blue, randomly placing the dots intermixed with the pink
and finally i rounded it all out by adding green dots
and voila! confetti nails! remember to top it all off with top coat so it lasts longer :)