Sunday, May 13, 2012

happy mothers day!

i remember last year on mothers day we stopped by josh's parents house to wish mary a happy mothers day. right before we left, sweet mary hugged me and told me i was going to be a great mother someday. we were going to wait to tell them i was pregnant until after i'd gone to the doctor for the first time, but i just broke down and started crying... i then managed to somehow squeak out that i was pregnant. she turned to look at josh as if to ask "is this for real?!"

fast forward a year, and it's my first mothers day as a mom. this morning as i was playing with henry i got a little emotional. i just felt so grateful and blessed to be a mother. i love henry so much!!

today we were able to visit josh's parents house again, and sarah and ryan and the kids were there too. which of course resulted in fun and mischief, as usual...

hanging out with mimi

griffin LOVES henry. it's pretty adorable.

he was loving mimi up!

and bear too :) they are so sweet together

henny loves his aunt sarah!

lila wanted a picture taken of her, and she is just too adorable to say no!
it was a very fun and enjoyable day. after i fed henny this morning, josh let me sleep in (w/henny cuddled up next to me), and when we woke up he brought me breakfast in bed. such a sweetheart. :)

happy day to all my female friends, mothers or not. and to those lucky enough to have chilluns, i hope you had a wonderful day celebrating with them. ♥

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Liz / Tangible Ingredients said...

Oh my goodness, lady! I haven't been active in the blogging world for quite some time, but wow! You had a baby! Congratulations!!! He's so beautiful, and I'm so happy to see you had such a lovely mother's day.