Sunday, May 6, 2012

sarah got married!

on april 14, one of my best friends Sarah got married! her now-husband Jason is pretty cool, so i allowed it to happen ;) we went up to logan for the day to take place in all the celebrations! and sometimes i remembered to take pictures (and other times i stole pictures from my friend amy):

My bff Amy was able to come to the wedding, and meet Henny Benny!! This is at the luncheon

Henry was trying to look dapper. I was trying to make sure he didn't puke on her gorgeous dress.

Henry was SUCH a good baby (thank goodnes!!) Here he is having fun w/daddy

"I know, I'm the bomb!"

Ahhhh!!!! She's officially married!

We love you Sarah! (I felt way too tall next to these two so I was trying to be short. I later realized that this made me look constipated...awkward...)

Chillin' at the reception. Sarah made those bouquets for us bridesmaids, and then used them as centerpieces at the reception. So talented!

Can you guess what color their cake was?! haha

the happy couple, post cake-smushing.
it was a really beautiful day, and their wedding was lovely. i couldn't be happier for my dear friend, and i'm sad that now she's moved away to live with her lover... i guess i'll forgive you silly hooligans! CONGRATULATIONS and WE LOVE YOU!! ♥

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