Tuesday, May 22, 2012

money money money moneyyyy....money!

word to the wise...DO ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING YOU CAN TO NOT GET STUDENT LOANS!!! got it? good! student loans are the devil, and the bad thing is that they are way too easy to obtain. you have this mentality of "i'm going to college, i'm going to get a good job, and then i can pay these suckers off no problem." false. interest rates are crazy. if you just pay the minimum payments you could be paying on them for decades. also, it's no easy feat to get a job right after you graduate. especially a good job.

so yeah, moral of the story is: work your butt off, be dirt poor, apply for every scholarship you could possibly qualify for, harass financial aid counselors, and say no to student loans. i wish i could go back in time, shake myself, and change the way i did it all.

josh and i have been working very hard this year on paying off our loans/medical bills (remember that kidney stone from like 2 years ago? yeah, still paying on that...ugh!!). we are kicking ourselves for not being more dedicated last year, but you can't change the past. so this year my entire paycheck is going to childcare and loans, and we're only living off of josh's paycheck. so far its been really good as far as paying off more and more loans, but also really depressing at the same time. sometimes i think of all the things we could do with that money if we didn't have any student loans... shopping trips, vacations, plastic surgery (what?), a fence in our backyard, a dog, and most of all: staying home with my adorable child. sigh.

please don't get student loans, folks. and if you have gotten them in the past, work extra hard on paying them off when you actually have opportune fiscal situations to do so (like we did, last year). whenever josh and i get all depressed thinking about how we should have been doing this last year, i just have to remember that at least we are working really hard now, and we should have it all paid off within this next year. then our only debt will be our house.

...i can deal with that.

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Darci Gardner said...

You guys are awesome!! You are almost there! I know far too many people that are going further into debt because they don't want to change their lifestyle. You will be so happy to finally be FREE!!