Wednesday, February 15, 2012

recent events

on saturday we left henry with a babysitter for the first time. thankfully we have sarah and ryan who are baby pros, and they were nice enough to watch him. we went out with emily and dave to dinner at costa vida, and then to the movies. we saw "the grey", which i personally thought was just ok. i can see how people like it, but it was too emotional for me. i lasted about an hour and a half until i texted sarah to see how henry was doing. thankfully he was fine and had a good night over there (here's the proof):

sarah watched henry again yesterday while i went to the dentist. you know that one filling that i have? as in, the only filling that i have? that tooth has been hurting, and of course i got all paranoid-y and was worried i might need a root canal. it ended up being another cavity (that tooth just doesn't like me i guess!), so i got a filling. it was a nice little valentines day present.

speaking of valentines day, it's not a huge holiday around these parts. but like i said on facebook yesterday, "I love my husband every day of the year. But I'll just throw it out there that I'll never say no to candy..." lets face it, if theres a holiday that involves me getting candy, i'm down.

also, henry is 2 months old today (whaaat?). i did a blog post about it here. let's just say it, he's getting kind of old... ;)


Emelro said...

lovee you!!!! and i need to see that baby asap!

simply seleta said...

Awww, baby Henry is adorable!!! xo