Thursday, February 23, 2012


i got a kitchenaid mixer for christmas, and it's still in the box. FAIL. sometimes i feel like baking, but these times usually come when a baby is crying or theres laundry to do... i really feel like making cupcakes, so my goal is that i WILL make cupcakes using my kitchenaid within this next week... here are some yummy recipes i've found on pinterest that i am considering:

opinions? suggestions? i cant wait to eat some cupcaaaaaakes!!!


Sam and Kat said...

Have you seen the ones with a big Cadbury egg inside? Can't decide if it looks delicious or disgusting haha..

The Blairs said...

I saw those cupcakes on Pinterest yesterday and thought they looked great,but out of my league. You make them, I'll eat them. Oh, I use my kitchen aid almost every day...I'm awesome like that. Unfortunately I'm usually making bread, not treats.

Diana said...

I would be the same with a kitchenaid mixer. I've always wanted one though!