Wednesday, October 5, 2011

roll tide!

mok and pok (our grandparents on josh's side) sent us some adorable alabama gear for henry. in case you didn't know, we cheer for alabama in this house. well, josh cheers for them, and i throw out a "roll tide!" every once in a while (because you know my extreme love of sports...).

because henry isn't here yet, and because josh decided to see how this hat would fit on jay-z, he will be modeling this crimson tide beanie:

adorable, right? i can't wait til we can dress henry up in all his alabama gear! its just so cute :) thank you mok and pok! we love you ♥


Carrie said...

this is too cute!! Our best friends are bama fans oh course i am a ga fan lol

Emily said...

henry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i can't wait to meet him. i seriously can't wait. and jay-z is the cutest kittie in town. holla!

Whit said...

Super cute! P.s. I'm kind of wanting you to learn how to make baby bow ties and sell them on your etsy shop, so I can buy them... :)