Saturday, October 8, 2011

28 weeks, and pictures of henry!

today marks 28 weeks! i had my doctors appointment this week and everything is going great. my belly is measuring right on track, his heartbeat is perfect, and i've officially gained 21 pounds (from my pre-pregnancy weight). i feel like i've run out of room in there! i can't eat as large of portions (sad!), sometimes i can't breath (rude, henry), and everything is feeling very cramped. i'm really not sure how the next three months are going to be physically possible, but i'll be slathering on the anti-stretch mark oil for sure!!

today we went in and got 3d/4d pictures of Henry taken! it was cool to see him looking bigger and even more baby-like. [it's really strange to think that these pictures are probably the last we'll see of him until he actually arrives!] Henry didn't really want to be bothered, and was kind of turned the whole time. but we still got some cool pictures of him. here are a few:

he has chubby little chipmunk cheeks! and he's already got a good amount of hair on his little head. he's measuring a week and 2 days ahead of his due date (so maybe we'll have a christmas baby?), and is already 3 pounds. basically, he's going to be a little fatty... which will be cute, but i'm worried about that whole labor/delivery part... so we won't think about that right now! (if i dont think about it, it won't happen, right?!)

sorry this whole post is all baby baby baby, but thats really the only exciting thing i've got going on right now... unless anyone wants to see pictures of my cat? haha. happy weekend ♥


Liv said...

His cute little cheeks look a little like yours, in the best way possible.

Congrats on all sorts of good news for week 28!

communikate. said...

You look great! He's going to be adorable with those chubby cheeks!

Hearthandmade said...

awh! Hey little baby ^_^ you look like you really suit pregnancy. Im so pleased it worked out for you guys

Sarah said...

Cute pictures! Wow it is amazing what they can capture now with ultrasounds. So awesome! :)

Emily said...

oh my gahhhhh!!!! i can't even wait to meet him!!!

Hearthandmade said...

Omg! Every time I see this I think it's so strange to see a wee face in there! I'm so pleased for you guys. I know I commented before but I'm here to tell u I found a ceramic bird on eBay uk. Do you want one? xo