Saturday, October 1, 2011

27 weeks and other random stuff

well hello third trimester. so nice to meet you. its hard to believe you're already here! i feel like my belly has no more room, which makes it hard to believe i still have three full months left! eeks!

favorite foods this week: bean with bacon soup (i want to eat it every night for dinner!), caramels, hot chocolate, and strawberry poptarts. healthy mix, huh? don't worry, i'm still getting some fruits and veggies in :)

ew, do my arms look bigger? i think its the top i'm wearing...

yesterday night we went and saw kathy griffin in salt lake city. she was a riot, as usual. this is the third time we've seen her live, and probably the best show yet. tonight we're going to dinner with some friends, and i'm going shopping (!!) with my girl emily. you all know i'm obsessed with shopping, so its going to be a very fun night :)

also, i recently found something amazing. have you heard of sweet paul? he puts out digital magazines that are amazing, and has an awesome blog. i'm obsessed. you need to check him out if you haven't already.

this is the cover of his fall issue, and i am planning on making these maple syrup baked pears sometime soon! who wants to come over and help enjoy them? :)

happy weekend! any fun plans?


Emily said...

meeeeeee!!! and ew, your arms do NOT look bigger. you need to calm it down.

Laura said...

You still look adorable as always!! :)

Amanda said...

Mmmmm...I want those pears. I have not stopped by in a while - you are definitely showing now - you look adorable pregnant!
p.s. no your arms do not look bigger :P