Friday, September 30, 2011

hobbles the cat

so anyone who's been around jay-z, or pays attention to my random musings about him, probably knows that he limps a lot. i brought him to the vet once about it, and he told me not to worry because jay-z probably bruised his leg while doing some acrobatics. well poor little hobbles has been getting more and more limp-y, and less agile, so i finally brought him to the vet the other day (a new one, not the same one who said not to worry about it!).

how can you not love this adorable face?

i snapped this picture because it was such an odd place for him to perch

one of kitty's new favorite places: the glider in the nursery.

he loves it (don't tell him its not for him!)

after doing some x-rays the vet found that jay-z's knee had some arthritis, and his fibia isn't attached (the vet said that could be a birth defect), and one of his growth plates isn't fully attached (again, probably some sort of defect). he only x-rayed one leg, but he assumed the rest looked about the same. the vet perscribed some special (aka expensive) food made for joints, which should help jay-z get feeling better after about a month. yayyy! i'm sorry i didn't take poor mister hobbles in sooner, but i'm glad that he's going to be on the mend now. if you come over to our house sometime, just give him an extra little love pat :)


Emily said...

aww that is so sad!!! and we would just point and laugh :(

yours truly dear said...

I know :( I felt really guilty we hadn't taken him in sooner...