Tuesday, October 18, 2011

catnip crazy

on saturday our friend sarah brought over some catnip for jay-z. i've never seen a cat with actual catnip, just weak little catnip toys. josh said the same thing. i remember one of my old bosses said she used to just put down a little handful of it and let her cats go crazy for a little bit, and then sweep it up. so we decided to see what happened if we put a little pile on the floor. jay-z went a little crazy. i wish i had recorded more of him reacting, because it was so funny/out of character. take a look:

jay-z goes catnip crazy from yourstrulydear on Vimeo.

thanks for the entertainment sarah :)


Carrie said...

haha I saw some cat nip the other day and thought about buying some for Glitch (our cat) now I am going to have to lol!

thanks for the sweet comments


Sarah said...

hah. JZ is a stud. Especially on Cant Nip