Saturday, October 22, 2011

30 weeks!?

yesterday marked 30 weeks...what!?! CRAZINESS! 10 weeks or less left!! hopefully only like 8 weeks left...but we shall see :) it feels pretty cool that i'm in the final stretch, and that in a couple months there will be an actual baby here! ahhh! i've still been feeling pretty good (although if anyone has any miracle cures for reflux please let me know! haha), and trying to sneak in lots of naps after work and on weekends. i don't look so awesome in this picture but it had been a long day (and work was involved. ew):

of course, jay-z still thinks he's the only baby around these parts. this is one of his favorite spots to relax:
we keep telling him he's going to be a big brother but i'm not so sure he understands the full implications of that statement... somehow we just need to train him to be able to feed the baby in the middle of the night and then we'll be all set ;)


Carrie said...

awe you look so cute!!


Laura said...

You look great momma! Seriously so cute!

I love Jay Z. He kinda looks like a kangaroo in that picture with those big ol' feet. Love it!

Sam and Kat said...

You are too cute! even in your "not awesome" pics. ;) 10 weeks will be here before you know it! so exciting! Oh and let me know if you ever do find a way to train your cat to wake up with henry in the night. I'd love some pointers of how to teach Max to do that. ;)

also, about animals and pregnancy, i've actually heard somewhere that animals can sense that sort of thing.... and once Ivy came home, i did noticed that Max acted very sensitive towards her and me. I think they get what's going on. :)