Monday, August 8, 2011

sometimes i remember to blog...

this past week was a whirlwind! we got back from arizona sunday night. monday it was business as usual--back to work (never fun after a vacation!). monday night we went and saw The Sound of Music at Sundance with Mary (josh's mom) and our niece and nephew, Sunny and Jackson. it was my first time seeing a play at Sundance, but they do it every summer. it was really fun to go see, especially to see it with such fun company :)

the rest of the week was spent catching up with sleep and with my tv shows. the weekend was spent catching up with friends, watching movies (good and not so good...), crashing a 1-year-olds birthday party, and going shopping. we found a changing table on sale at target and snatched that up. the nursery is really coming together!

speaking of henry, i started feeling him move around a little bit this week. sooo crazy! everytime i say that i feel him move, josh thinks i'm lying. its kind of funny. here is the look of the week:

yes, i'm basically wearing the same outfit as my 17 week picture. well, the same tank and belt haha. even though no one cares, here is the outfit breakdown: tshirt--forever 21; tank--target; belt--vintage; corduroys--gap.

anyways, this week will be all working, rereading the help (can't wait for the movie!!!), and then having family come up for the weekend. did you guys have a good week?


Darci said...

Um I want to re-read The Help now too. Okay, yup. I am going to.

Emily said...

remember when i freaked out because you looked pregnant? yeah...that was awesome. love you!! and we have to go and see the help together...omg!!