Friday, August 5, 2011

the proof is in the pudding

i have always loved animals. apparently when i was little there was a hurt pigeon in our garage, and so i went out and sat with it for hours to help it feel better. at least thats how the story goes.

i have always loved this picture, and i just stole it when i went down to visit my family. i just had to scan it and have a copy for myself! plus one of our supervisors thinks i hate birds, so i have to show this to him haha :)

ps: like the random bear sticker on my shirt? haha. in joshs words, "kids are so weird!"


Chelsea said...

you are adorable. i love pigeons. i think they're pretty great even if my mom calls them rats with wings. i think they're fun and i like that they'll come and play with you if you have food.
anyways. i miss you.

communikate. said...

how cute is this?!