Tuesday, August 2, 2011

arizona vacation!

we went to arizona last week for a little vacation. we have been working non-stop since we got these jobs! we only took one day off to close on our house back in february. so we felt like it was time to take a break, and we went to visit my parents. there was a lot of relaxing, swimming in the pool, yummy food, and hanging out with my parents. unfortunately i got extremely sunburnt the first day in the pool... i applied spf 100 sunscreen twice, but apparently i didnt apply it very well or something. definitely an awful mistake, so for the remainder of the trip i applied lots of aloe and tried to drink my weight in water. i didn't take a ton of pictures, so these ones will have to do:

i got to see my puppies!!!

on saturday we went boating. i probably shouldn't have gone because i was really nauseous, but i knew my parents were really looking forward to it. we went out on the boat, and decided to go tubing. josh went first, and it was fun to watch him flying all over the place.

no hands!

then it was my moms turn:

hanging on for dear life!

she survived, thank goodness :)

my dad went too, but i was feeling so sick at that point that i was just focusing on not barfing, and not on taking pictures. my dad asked me if i wanted to go and i was like "umm dad... theres a baby growing inside of me. nottt quite sure if you comprehend that yet!" haha. i saw him driving the boat "gently" for my mom, and she was still bouncing all over the place. so even if i had felt ok i wouldn't have gone haha.

we left on sunday, but not before my parents made my favorite meal: pot roast! it was delicious. they know me so well :) overall we had a lovely time, and it was awesome to relax and hang out with family. now we're back to the real world (wuh wuh wuhhhhh). thanks again mom and dad for letting us come visit in arizona! ♥

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Darci said...

Puppies!! I am glad you are back. :)