Thursday, June 9, 2011

vintage-inspired tulip apron (...what?)

so a while ago i was at joann's and i saw this glorious tulip-patterned fabric. and by gorgeous i mean kind of ugly in a cute way, with a lot of potential. i wasn't quite sure what i was going to do with it (skirt, maybe?) and so it sat on my shelf for a little while. then, the other day when i was going through some of my craft stuff, i pulled out one of my old vintage finds and had a brilliant idea. i bought this adorable vintage tulip apron last year, and then sort of forgot about it. i fell in love with it when i bought it because: a) tulips are my favorite flower, b) yellow is one of my favorite colors, and c) the tulip style of the apron made it have built-in pockets. amaaazing.

so, this weekend when i had a little bit of crafty time, i used this vintage apron as a pattern and used my new tulip fabric! genius, i know... here are some pictures :)

the vintage tulip apron

close up of the cute tulip-y pattern

the new version!

they are bff.

what do you think? i would take pictures of me wearing them, but my resident photographer sarah is out of state right now :( but maybe i can convince josh to take some pictures of me sometime (when i'm actually looking semi-cute haha). i think my favorite part is the secret pockets. and its just perfect since i love tulips. basically, i couldn't be happier with my old and new tulip aprons ♥ and yes, i might be obsessed with tulips. whaturr.


Darci said...

You are just too cute.

Hearthandmade said...

excellent!! i love the patterns

Meg said...

too cute!! now i know what to do with all that fabric i have lying around =0) happy friday!

Jewls said...

LOVE these aprons! You need to sell these, I would totally buy one. :)