Monday, June 13, 2011

kitty love

i took this picture a few weeks ago with my phone when jay-z was cuddling with me in bed. there are a lot cuter pictures of when he was actually sleeping (and had his paws over his face!), but i was going through my phone and thought this one was really funny. not only can you see my pasty white arm looking larger than life, but kitty has such a funny face!

yesterday jay-z's paw was really hurting him. he limps around a lot, but he switches up which foot its on, and he never meowed when we would touch the leg to see if it was hurting him. so basically we just figured that he was doing it for attention haha. but yesterday he was doing little meow cries, especially if you touched his leg, and it was really sad. of course it had to happen on a sunday when theres only emergency vet places open and you have to pay at least 30% more than usual to go to. so we held off and checked it today. this morning he was doing a lot better, but still meowing and kind of limping. but by the time we got home from work he was totally fine. he was putting pressure on the leg and wouldn't meow if you felt his leg. hallelujah! i guess the poor guy just had a rough day yesterday :(

i'm just glad he's feeling better, and that he is so freaking adorable i just want to cuddle him all the time. ♥

ps: i know [next to] none of you really care about the health of my cat, but i felt like sharing the information. sorry if you read through that long paragraph and you felt like you were wasting moments of your life away. maybe to express these feelings you could channel them and throw red paint on fur and participate in rebel activities such as that. i feel like thats a good idea. carry on!


Elaine said...

Oh, that's so sad!!!! I hope he is okay now!!!!

Mandi said...

What a handsome prince! Glad he's feeling better.

Lisa said...

Some may not care about the health of your cat, but he is your baby and is it any different than what new parents do with their blog (like me, I know I'm guilty of it). Glad he is doing better and hope it doesn't start acting up again.

CAPow! said...

as someone who took my kitty to the emergency vet this very weekend, I definitely care about the health of your kitty! It was so expensive to go there, but my cat means the world to me, so much so that I am willing to be in debt for a few more months to make sure he's ok :)