Tuesday, June 14, 2011

meow meow meow meow

thanks everyone for your nice words about jay-z. [[while i was joking in my little ps, i was mostly trying to get across that i know i'm more obsessed with my own cat than anyone else is...etc...word vomit*]] i am happy to report he is totally back to normal. i'm thinking josh may have slept on top of kitty and squished his leg somehow, but who knows... orrr jay-z really does have some sort of arthritis (?) and it was acting up. i'm not sure. poor thing :/

anyways, to all my fellow cat lovers [and/or human lovers]: CaPow over at windshield diaries posted a sad story about her cat that just happened (involving an emergency vet visit...) and the bills were crazy. i know all too well about medical bills, and these ones were for her poor suffering cat! and if you read the story, you know i'm not exaggerating about the suffering part :(
i just wanted to tell you how you can help a sista [and kitty] out. you can either donate via paypal, or purchase something from her amazing etsy shop. i bought myself a maine print. please at least go check it out, and send good thoughts to little miyagi ♥

hopefully [if i have time] i will post something tomorrow... either involving something my cousin wrote, or a package i have received. we shall see....i like this whole being mysterious thing... ;)

*word vomit = when words just come out of your mouth... you may not have really thought them through... sometimes there can be negative and/or embarrassing consequences (like telling one of your bff's mothers that diet coke can give you cancer, when its clearly her favorite drink. definitely in my top 3 word vomit horror stories...)


Elaine said...

OH, that's so sad :(:(:(

CAPow! said...

thank you so much for sharing our story and purchasing a print! I'm working on your customization request right now! :)