Thursday, June 16, 2011

healer's destiny

so GUESS WHAT!? my awesome, adorable, amazing cousin Julee Page wrote a book. whaaaat!? YES. wrote and published a book, titled "Healer's Destiny". i couldn't wait to read the book and immediately bought my own copy!

this fantasy/adventure book is gripping from the very start. the main character is Eliana, a daring girl with special abilities. as she is growing up, she is unknowingly training to fulfill her destiny: end the terror of the evil magician who has waged war against humanity. her strong character, heritage, and bravery guides her through this challenge against all odds.

i don't want to give too much away about the book, but it is an amazing story. the plot is detailed and exciting, and the characters are introduced in a way that makes them really come to life. while a lot fantasy/adventure books nowadays are often predictable, and the endings foreseeable, this story unfolds in delightfully unexpected ways. it manages to always keep you wanting more.

fantasy books are some of my very favorite genres, and this book did not disappoint. it also leaves the ending open for a second book. lets just say i can't wait!! i may or may not start pestering my cousin non-stop until it comes out haha. :) i definitely recommend this book, especially if you like fantasy/adventure books. so go read it immediately!

where can you buy it? barnes and noble; as a nook book; amazon for the kindle; and from the publisher: createspace!!

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Lisa said...

You've intrigued me! I love fantasy book (who am I kidding I love pretty much every genre) and the main character is named Eliana, that's my baby girls name! I'm going to have to buy it now.