Monday, June 6, 2011

ode to the weekend

tucanos on friday night
results in absolute delight
to my tummy
even though our waiter was crummy
he offended maine's pride and joy
i almost slapped the silly boy
he thought pacific lobster was better
i should write his manager a letter!
thankfully the food was so good
and our friends are so hood
that we still had a lovely time :)

on saturday we also had lots of fun
i even had time to craft a ton!
expect to see pretty pictures soon
of something i created that might make you swoon
think tulips!

we went to a baby blessing on sunday
[thats my fun day]
it was my cousins baby, talon
he's cuter than a young jimmy fallon
i loved seeing my awesome family
it was a great old jamboree
i also snuck in some more craft time
which was absolutely sublime

thank you weekend, for being so great
too bad its over, what terrible fate
this week i'll be trying to blog more
i'll try not to be such a bore
did you have a good weekend? ♥


Emily said...

i am so glad i got on blogger today--- this is amazing!!! love you!

kelli g. { bug miscellany } said...

haha you are so cute!

Meg said...

agreed. east coast lobster is WAY better! xo